Fort Myers Fishing Reports

Your Fort Myers Fishing Experience

Stay updated on the latest fishing conditions and catches with Captain Kevin Iacofano's fishing report page. After each trip, Captain Kevin shares detailed reports, providing insights into the best fishing spots, techniques, and bait used during the excursion. Get a firsthand account of the day's adventure, including the species targeted and the success of the trip. Learn from Captain Kevin's expertise as he shares tips and tricks for a successful day of fishing in Fort Myers, Florida. Whether you're planning your own fishing trip or simply interested in the local fishing scene, Captain Kevin's reports offer valuable information for anglers of all levels. Stay informed and make the most of your fishing experience in Fort Myers with Captain Kevin's insightful fishing reports.

We got these questions a lot. Does Fort Myers have good fishing? What fish are in season in Fort Myers? Do you need a license to fish on Fort Myers Pier? Fort Myers offers excellent fishing opportunities with diverse species and beautiful coastal waters. Sanibel Inshore Fishing Charters provides access to the best fishing spots, ensuring a memorable trip. Fishing seasons vary, with species like Snook and Redfish available year-round and Tarpon having specific seasons. Captain Kevin guides on the best times to target fish based on the season. A fishing license is typically required for fishing on the Fort Myers Pier, but Sanibel Inshore Fishing Charters includes the license for the day, making fishing hassle-free.

Sanibel Inshore Fishing Charters provides a variety of fishing trips to suit every angler's preferences. Their 4 to 6-hour inshore fishing adventure is priced between $550 to $750, offering ample time to reel in some impressive catches. For those seeking a thrilling challenge, they offer tarpon and shark fishing at $700 for a 5-hour trip. Additionally, their full-day 8-hour fishing trip includes shelling and lunch at Barrier Islands, providing a complete and memorable fishing experience for $1000.

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